What’s in my veg box? Carrot hot dogs!

I was pretty excited about this week's vegetables. I love leeks, hadn't done anything with swede for ages and had suddenly decided the time had come to make carrot hot dogs!

Veg box content of cabbage, leeks, swede, potatoes, carrots and salad leaves midorigreen.co.uk

Pasta with cabbage and miso

Pasta with cabbage, miso and cashew cheese
This is was so easy to do and left plenty of time for preparing myself for Monday morning. Just cook pasta, chuck shredded cabbage in for the last few minutes and then stir in miso (and a spoonful of cashew cheese). Add black pepper and serve.
Roast swede and leek risotto
Roast swede and leek risotto with salad leaves midorigreen.co.uk
Roast swede and leek risotto being cooked midorigreen.co.u,
I love risotto and keep hoping I'll have leftovers for lunch but instead the whole lot just gets eaten. Rissotto also allows for reading while allowing the rice and vegetables to cook in stock.
Lunchbox – Potato pizza and carrots
Lunch container with raw carrot and pizza with a potato base

I get a big bag of potatoes delivered every Monday from the (soy) milk man. I've been experimenting with making potato cakes and suddenly had the revelation that I could also use the dough for pizza base. It worked out great and was perfect for my lunch box.


Carrot hot dogs with paprika fries

Carrot hot dogs in rolls with paprika wedges

Who would guess that if you par boil carrots and then marinade in a vinegar, soy sauce and smoke mixture they taste just like hot dogs? Or that they are incredibly filling (it must be the fibre)? Total win and can't wait to try these on a barbecue.

Parsnip Satay noodles

Lunch container of parsnip satay noodles midorigreen.co.uk

I intended to make soup with a bit of spice to cut through the sweetness of roast parsnip. So I chucked the parsnips in a pan with garlic, onion, stock, soy sauce, peanut butter and chilli oil. Blended up it looked lovely. The noodles absorbed excess liquid and left me with noodles coated in this sweet, tangy sauce. It was good hot and cold so a future lunch box option.

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