What’s in my lunch box? Flat breads go to the next level

I love flatbreads. They're quick to make. Easy to do. Seasonings and spices allow them to vary in taste. And depending on flour and rolling thickness you can ring the changes in texture.

So I was inspired to up my flatbread game by a scrap of newspaper on my fridge that suggested using leftover Dahl as a basis for making flatbread dough. I just so happened to have made Dahl for dinner so I put aside a few generous spoonfuls. You basically add a chopped chilli and then knead in gram and whole meal flour until you have a dough that can be rolled out and fried.

These turned out lovely. Good hot and cold with a great texture. I served mine accompanied by a salad with lots of celery and tahini dressing.

To read:

This was a slow starter. It took a good hundred pages for me to regain the interest that the opening had. However having got to grips enough with a Japanese style society obsessed with status, not possessing much in the way of tech and with plenty of gods and demons I began to once again get caught up in a plot so complicated that I really have no idea what might happen next or where the end game might be. It's a bit like real life.



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