What’s in my lunch box? No need to microwave


I fear I may have lost my mojo when it comes interesting lunches. In part I'm blaming the kitchen arrangements in my current office. There's no microwave which means it's either cold or its in a thermos. As much as I love my hot jars I do find having to heat (or reheat food) while getting the jar warmed up a bit more than I can cope with most mornings. Cooking something from scratch seems easier somehow but I think that would become a burden too if done daily, and I still prefer to batch cook at weekends where I can.

So this is a tub of cold spaghetti topped with cabbage, picked onions and a mayo vinegarette dressing and eaten along side some sales peanuts and cucumber. It filled a gap!

To read: The guns of the south by Harry Turtledove

This is proving to be a fascinating read. What would have happened if the South had won the American Civil War? I'm half way through and it's clear that winning a war creates more issues than it resolves. The main characters are thoughtfully drawn, and the source of the guns in the title proves to be a blessing and a curse. Some things turn out the way they do because that's the way it – but then whoever said war was fair?



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