Try it out: Fry’s soy and quinoa country roast


One of the goodies I picked up at VegFest in London over the weekend was a new product from Fry's Family foods – a soy and quinoa country roast.

As I generally dine with a friend once a week I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to share and see how reaction compared between vegan and non-vegan tastebuds.

Naomi, my charming host, had prepared a delicious autumn vegetable stew to go with it so we plated up and got stuck in.

It sliced well, had a firm texture and a pleasing taste. The vegetable stew turned out to be a great accompaniment (and much less bother than boiling potatoes and vegetables).

And how did it go down with the non-vegan? Well she asked if she could keep the leftovers…


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