What’s on my digital reading pile?

I seem to be tearing through digital reading matter. Perhaps I’m just trying to put off reading the print copy of Bleak House next to my bed!

I heard Lori Gottlieb speak on the Tim Ferris podcast and found her very engaging. So I ordered the e-audio from the library so that myself and himself can listen to it together.

Susan Isaacs is an amazing writer. She always draws me in from the first sentence. However, for some reason I’ve never worked my way through everything she’s written. I will now remedy this!

This has not been an issue with Jodi Taylor! I am tearing through her books. Conveniently, the library appears to have all of them in e-format.

I’ve added 3 new graphic novels. I was delighted to find 1602 having read about it somewhere else at some point in the past.

I also noted that the e-magazines I had loaded were pretty ancient so I removed them and selected some new ones to brow. I like the idea of being the kind of person who reads .net! And a friend recommended The Simple Things to indulge in.

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