What I ate – 31 May 2020

I seem to have gotten into a habit of cooking dinner really late. Maybe it’s the heat?


I tried another recipe from Salad Samurai. This is coconut samosa potato salad. I skipped the chickpeas, coriander, mint and cashews and chucked in parsley. It was good enough to make again and I’ll try for all the ingredients next time!


We’re clearly entering the season of potato salad. I added turnips greens, peas, green onion tops, mustard, vinegar and mayo. Then topped it off with a couple of vegan sausages.


Another helping of pizza salad. I cooked the tempeh in the remoska with no oil and it turned out just fine.

The curry sauce was supposed to be put through a sieve but I was tired and chunky is just fine.


Kale, tomato and tempeh salad. I actually made the effort to soak almonds before blitzing them with mustard, vinegar and dates and the dressing was the best yet.

How I love chilli. And This one was super easy. I soaked the soy mince during the afternoon and then sling it in the remoska with other ingredients after a networking call. As a result I got go sit down with a glass of kombucha and a book while it cooked.


Lazy lunch! Toasties with vegan cheese, deli slices and tomato.

I started cooking dinner really late. But this mushroom and pasta dish actually turned out a bit fancy looking.


This was a bitty kind of lunch but the combo of hot green beans, dressing, random vegetables and a handful of poppadoms was most satisfying.

Another end of the week dish. I never got round to making tofu so the Pak choi got added to this dish. It really does have all the random stuff in it.


I shop early on Saturday morning and collect my vegetable bag while I’m out. Hence lunch is never elaborate.

For some reason I thought I’d have more time to cook at the weekend. I don’t know what I was thinking. But the beet balls recipe from Salad Samurai made up loads so I popped them in the freezer for an easy future meal. This was really tasty and worth the effort of shredding beets.

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