What I’m reading – 26 May 2020

My book pile didn’t change for 2 weeks (although my virtual pile of e-books did). But during that time I finished 2 books and nearly finished a third.

I was drawn back into the Welcome to Night Vale novel and I’m hopi g that the same will happen with Dickens.

Just one more chapter of An Everlasting Meal to savour.

Chapters in The Screwtape Letters are short so I’ve been reading one before bed (part of a master plan to stay away from screens at that point in the day and work on my insomnia).

Asterisk (borrowed from my Mum) is there for jollies!

New to the pile


In progress

Bleak House

An Everlasting Meal

The Screwtape Letters


Finding Your Own North Star

Welcome to Night Vale – A Novel

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