Tomato and chunky parsley pesto rolls

I call it chunky pesto but there likely is a word for it that means ‘salad ingredients chopped finely to be fancy’.



Ingredients ready to make chunky parsley pesto -
Take fresh parsley, a garlic clove, a handful of almonds, salt, olive oil and nutrition yeast. Also required are bread of some kind and a nice ripe tomato.


Chop the parsley, garlic and almonds. They need to be reasonably fine but no need to head for purée status. Unless you’re making a lot it’s probably not worth using a blender or food processor (and the end result will be less chunky). Put the chopped ingredients in a bowl and add a good pinch of salt, a slug of oil and a couple of health spoonfuls of nutritional yeast. Stir it all up until ingredients are well mixed. Taste test and add more of anything that seems necessary.
Slice bread and tomatoes. Add pesto to rolls and top with sliced tomato.


Glorious rolls with tomatoes and chunky parsley pesto -

Put on a plate. Admire for 15 seconds and then tuck in.

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