Yummy ginger and tofu rice

You know how it is; you get side tracked and then realise that it’s late, you still haven’t had dinner and you’re hungry!


I started with:

Ingredients ready to make yummy ginger and tofu rice | midorigreen.co.uk

Tofu – from a batch I made in the morning

Pattypan squash – from my veg bag but any summer squash would be good

Chopped ginger – I bulk prepare my ginger and freeze it, and I like it chunky

Cooked rice – retrieved from the freezer

Soy sauce – always in my cupboard


  • Add a good splash of oil to a frying pan. Get it really hot before you begin frying tofu slices (or they will stick). Don’t worry if the tofu breaks up a bit but keep frying until it’s a golden brown.
  • Chuck in chopped squash and ginger -I like plenty of chunky ginger but your mileage may vary.
  • Once the squash is softening bung in the rice and give it all a good stir.
  • Add a hefty splash of say sauce and mix it in.
  • Cook util the rice is heated through.


yummy ginger and tofu rice | midorigreen.co.uk



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