Learn something new for September


Piano with play me sign

September is a month all about fresh starts, scanning for signs of autumn, and rediscovering a desire to learn.

Essentially it’s a month to challenge yourself. To find out more. To take a look at where you are (after the distractions of summer) and see what you can do with those cliched winter evenings.

If you’re looking inspiration, I have the perfect thing. I got chatting to Duncan from Noonesreadingme at carnival yesterday (a rather wonderful evening of leaping around to various bands) and he told me about a friend who had recorded an album. It’s her and a piano. The ‘feel inspired’ bit is that a year ago she couldn’t play a piano.

Of course, you don’t have to go to such lengths. I’ve signed up for some courses with Futurelearn. These are free online course from UK universities. All kinds of things with varying time requirements are on offer. I’m going to be learning more about Richard III in November, and discovering the basics of Forensic Science in January.

So here’s to an inspiring autumn where I discover all kinds of new and exciting things.

Wishing you all things green,



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