What’s in my lunch box? Frozen inspiration

Book and lunch box

Once again I am rummaging in the freezer. Mainly for inspiration but also because I need to clear some space for Christmas food. Admittedly a small pot of coconut milk isn’t going to clear that much space, but as that well known supermarket chain puts it – Every little helps.

Clockwise from bottom left

  • Asian marinated tofu – Marinade ‘inspired’ (as they say on film credits) by the recipe in Vwav.
  • Satsumas – I couldn’t resist these – a little piece of Spanish sunshine
  • Brown basmati rice
  • Thai curry – onion, cabbage, spinach, mushroom, and carrots cooked with thai curry paste, coconut milk, and soy sauce. It tastes creamier than it looks.

To readNow you see me by S.J. Bolton

This was packed with false trails, dead ends, and unexpected revelations. I kept thinking that I had ti all worked out and then something would happen that would throw my theory. Everyone was a suspect so the only way to solve the mystery is too keep reading.


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