What’s in my lunch box? Cheap veg and freezer rice

Everywhere I went at the weekend I stumbled across cheap (or free!) fruit and vegetables. So between scoring bargains at supermarkets and green grocers, and gathering windfall plums (lovely compoted for my morning porridge) I began to see a direction for lunch.

I fried up some spring onions, garlic and ginger (from the huge tub of these three I keep chopped in the freezer) and then added cheap carrots, bean sprouts and courgettes. A bit of turmeric and a dash of some random spices later it was time to chuck in a stock cube and some pre cooked brown rice (more freezer supplies). It's good hot or cold. Easily portable. Goes lovely with raw cucumber and celery. And it left me time to make pancakes and a rather delicious potato and broccoli soup with fresh mint.


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