What’s in my lunch box? 200 years later

Food and book

So 200 years after it was written I’ve finally gotten around to reading Pride and prejudice. My ignorance of it (beyond the opening line) was a growing embarrassing. I read and loved the graphic novel Pride and Prejudice and zombies, but there was a nagging fear that I might have enjoyed it even more if I was familiar with the original. Having applied myself to it (and ticked off a goal for this year), I’m delighted to say that I can see why it has endured. The plot is amusing, the use of language lively, and the characters are wonderful. I find myself very partial to Mr Bennet.

Also in my lunch box:

  • A delicious Cox apple grown in Essex
  • A version of Emira’s speedy kale and tofu delight from La dolce vegan served with brown rice. I threw in some chilli flakes and a spoonful of peanut butter, and skipped the pine nuts.
Emira’s speedy kale and tofu delight

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