Whats in lunch box? Led by the veg

After feasting on this at lunchtime I think I can conclude that vegetables really my ideal lunch. This selection filled me up. Plus I was free of afternoon cravings for snacks. Not great when you have a 30 minute round trip from your desk to have any hope of fulfilling them.

Clockwise from top right:

Corn on the cob – soaked in water for 10 minutes and then baked. Highly portable and highly tasty.

Mixed vegetable Wat – from The Vegan Lunchbox. I’d expected this to be different. Richer? Creamier? More like a roux? However after my initial misgivings this did indeed prove to be a. Rey tasty way to consume vegetables. I’d definitely make again although I’d up the spice next time.

Bob the Book by David Pratt – I haven’t been reading this short, sweet story about relationships between books for over a week. Well, I have but I got side tracked by The Watchers by Stephen Alford. It’s about intelligence gathering and spies during the Elizabethan era. It shows a very dark side to a time that it usually looked at as bring golden and enlightened. Bit of a contrast to Bob.

Plums – served chilled, a wonderful combination of sweet, sour, and juicy.

Bread – I had a crack at my favourite bread recipe from long ago. It’s just my style. You bung some yeast in hot water, leave it for a bit and then add flour until you have a dough of the right consistency. Then knead, prove and bake. Very pleased with the rather filling results.

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