This week’s veg bag – Twas the week before Christmas…

It was the week before Christmas and The bug that was felling my friends and colleagues had reached me. Lucky I lots of nice fresh to get me through!

Veg bag veg box contents leek Calvo Nero carrots celeriac cabbage potatoes
Restoring soup – several meals cooked in one go and one pot, and the perfect food for anyone with a lack of appetite.
Soup made with leek, carrots, celeriac, pearl barley
  • Celeriac, carrots, leeks and potatoes with cooked pearl barley added post blending.
  • Served with wholemeal English muffins
Burgers – to tempt a tiny appetite
Vegetable burger in whole meal bun with green leaves and mayonnaise, potato fries and carrot sticks
  • Vegeburgers in wholemeal buns with mayonnaise, pickle slices and a handful of mixed salad leaves
  • Potato fries
  • Delicious crunchy carrot sticks
Stir fry – good straight from the pan and reheated well for a portable lunch
Stir fry with rice oodles, onion, tofu and Calvo Nero
  • Rice noodles stirred fried with tofu, onion and glossy green Calvo Nero
  • Sauce of peanut butter and soy with a final drizzle of sesame oil



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