This week in food

It’s been a week of fighting off the urge to hibernate and trying to get back into an exercise routine. So craving big bowls of warming stuff while trying to avoid snacking.

Saturday 7 November

I made massive amounts of beetroot setian and served it with rice, salad leaves and a garlicky, basil, sunflower seed dressing.

Sunday 8 November

I cooked up a load of soy chunks, butternut squash and aubergine earlier in the week. The remains (because of course there was way too much) got wrapped in pastry.

Add a piece of raw brownie for dessert because we were all out of fruit.

Monday 9 November

Yet more seitan served in rolls with vegan cheese, Mayo and sauerkraut.

Tuesday 10 November

I got what I thought was coriander stock out of the freezer. Worried that I had C19 when it didn’t smell of anything much and then after cooking it with lentils realised it was probably mushroom stock. So the dahl got turned into a spaghetti sauce with some cooked mushrooms and roast garlic. Must label murky jars of liquid before they go in the freezer.

Wednesday 11 November

I’m loving these vegan kievs I found at Tesco. There’s just enough lovely garlicky filling to make serving with plain rice and kale work beautifully.

Thursday 12 November

The last of the seitan got dunked in marinade for a few hours and then cooked up with garlic, mushrooms, Pak choi and brown rice noodles.

And cheese, cracker, fruit and scheese and onion crisps for supper.

Friday 12 November

Lunch was jacket potatoes which (due to a mid morning nap and a breakfast fail) I munched before thinking about taking a photo.

Then I took a contender fir the world’s fullest photo of supper. It was home made flat breads filled with vegan cream cheese, deli slices and kohlrabi.

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