What I ate this week – 7 June 2020

I managed 2 nights of earlier dinners this week but then I went back to work after. On the plus side I am so tired when I go to bed that my insomnia has vanished!


For lunch I made a chopped pesto with radish stalks, garlic, oil, nutritional yeast and walnuts. Served with baguette and radishes it was divinely garlicky.

I’ve taken to referring to this as German potato salad. But really it’s potato salad with something pickled mixed into the mayo and some vegan frankfurters chucked on top.


It was Monday so lunch had to either be tempeh, tomato and kale salad. Or pizza salad, right? I was all out of kale so I radically made spinach, tempeh and tomato salad!

And then for dinner I made the tofu I couldn’t be bothered with last week to pair up with more Pak choi.


Tuesday wasn’t a good food day. Once again there was a delivery involved. So lunch was toasties and then dinner kind of got missed.


Back on track (following a bundle of socially distanced house viewings and shenanigans with various parcels) with pizza salad for lunch. I’m definitely getting faster at making this.

How I love chilli. I made a huge pan of this because it’s so tasty. Chilli is about to become a weekly feature on the menu.

And a huge bowl of strawberries and vegan cream for dessert.


Lunch was easy and delicious- a plate of dinner leftovers!

I haven’t made risotto in years and now I remember why! It takes so long while you stand and stir. I added in mushrooms and fennel and served with a rough parsley pesto and sausages.


Friday lunchtime I ate some of the canned soup stash and spent an hour enjoying a talk on kimonos as a virtual attendee of the York festival of ideas. It was a fascinating talk and made a nice change.

For dinner, I made Coconut Samosa potato salad from Salad Samurai again but I added coriander this time. Wow it made it even more awesome!


The freezer has gotten a bit full (and it’s not very big) so we had chicken style burgers for lunch.

And for dinner I veganised a recipe I spotted on Bento Expo. The Ebichiri Bento made in season 3 episode 8 was really easy and really good! Check it out for yourself


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