The handbag 5:2 – make up

Make up bag and contents
My initial plans for the 5:2 handbag project were to go absolutely minimal 2 days each week. So I’d pretty much be carrying keys, purse, phone, glasses and handkerchief.
However the thought of continuing to cart so much junk for the other 5 days became massively unappealing. So I’m going through what I carry and seeing what I can leave at home.
My make up bag is pictured above. Theoretically it’s with me so I can touch up my make during the day. The reality is I never bother and only use it on days were I have a burlesque class after work, or am travelling to work by bus.
I have no idea why I need to carry 4 lip colours with me. And the Dallas compact in the middle of the picture is shameful. Yes it looks nice and compact. But look at what’s actually inside it…
Make up

So all that for 2 eye shadows!

My newly slimmed make up bag is a lot less weighty. I can actually do the zip on the pouch up. The eye shadows have been renamed in a smaller container.

Make up bag and contents

The most interesting thing though is that I keep failing to put it in my handbag, and so far I haven’t really missed it.


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