2013 Mid year review

At the start of the year I made a list of things I wanted to do in 2013. I reviewed them recently and my performance has been mixed!

Definitely making progress

  • Start a burlesque troupe and perform with them – a definite ‘yes’ following the formation of the Paper Dolls and The Fling festival.
  • Develop different income streams – I’ve certainly put plenty of energy into this area! In addition to Ink Drops Boxes the stationery subscription service I run with Carla of Ducking Fabulous, I’ve also been experimenting with Etsy, Ebay, Flea markets, and am working on a car boot sale and the green shop.
  • Engage with people more – I’ve met loads of interesting people this year and said yes to far more opportunities to connect.

Could try harder

  • Explore geocaching – lost my vibe on this after several fails at finding my 2nd cache.
  • Make pasties, knickers and garters – made paper pasties in April, but bit of a fail on the rest
  • Spend less time doing unnecessary things – there still aren’t enough hours in the day.

Things to read

  • The Woman in white
  • To kill a mocking bird
  • Treasure Island
  • Pride and prejudice
  • something by Ford Maddox Ford read The good soldier in April
  • Anna Karenina

So looking at what I need to do for the rest of the year it’s go geocaching, make some stuff, read plenty, and do less!

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