Lockdown stroganoff

Stroganoff is a dish I make on a semi regular basis. I make it with mushrooms, frozen peas and chunks of vegan burger. When it come to the sauce it’s either based on cashew nuts or plant milk.

However lockdown has left me with just a handful or 2 of cashew nuts. And the mylk is getting saved for granola.

However bizarrely I do have loads of sunflower seeds and plenty of miso. So I fashioned a sauce from these with plenty of paprika and black pepper plus a random spoonful of hummus that I froze at some point.

And amazingly it turned out ok. The sauce was plenty creamy. It worked well with the other ingredients. I had an excuse to make a batch of fresh pasta to serve with it.

In the strange world of lockdown all seemed ok for a while. Truly comfort food.

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