It’s been 14 years

On 12 April 2006 I published my first blog post. It makes me cringe now to read it but it doesn’t really matter. No one else read it. Or they might of but I don’t think Blogger back in those days did much in the way of stats.

Of course, I installed a visitor count widget at a later point and thought it was state of the art. But these were days when blog posts rarely featured photos.

To add a photo you have a number of options.

You could take a photo with a camera that used film. Then develop the film. After that you just had to scan the photo and then get the photo onto the computer you were blogging from.

Or you could use a digital camera and then load the photos to the bit of specialist software that came with the camera.

Or you might take a photo on your phone. But it would be blocky. And you’d then have to plug your phone into a computer with the right software to make use of the photo.

It was way too much hassle for daily posts. So instead posts are text heavy. And I did go through a phase of using different coloured fonts to make my ‘what I wore’ posts a bit more visual.

And isn’t it strange that as blogging became easier I felt less inclined to do it. Maybe because there are so many slick looking blogs. And the blogging world has changed so much. It’s become so professional.

And yet I still return to blogging every so often. There’s more room than on Instagram or Twitter. They aren’t called microblogging for nothing. It’s a space that’s more comfortable than Facebook.

So who knows what I might be saying here in 2034?

Probably not 2006

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