Capsule wardrobe equals stress

One of the sure signs that I’m feeling a little bit on the stressed side is what I search for on Google. And top of the lists during difficult times is capsule wardrobes.

Of course, I never follow up on any of the suggestions combinations. The thought of having to take a toon is usually more than my brain can handle. So after making notes on my perfect ratio of tops to bottoms to dresses to jackets I stop. Otherwise I might have to make a choice about whether to donate or sell my my unwanted items.

And I’m certainly not about to spend time buying new things. My year of not buying clothes in 2014/15 went along way towards removing that urge. I have a well stocked wardrobe. The contents make me happy and only a few items (usually gifts) get added each year.

If anyone had asked I’d have guessed that lockdown would have me compiling my idea capsule. But that hasn’t really been the case. I’ve been hanging out in a handful of baggy t-shirts and those trousers that aren’t quite pyjama bottoms. For my weekly vegan bag run there’s a pair of leggings and hoodie which get washed on my return.

Yet today I did feel a tiny urge to wear something else. It wasn’t anything I acted on. But an image of a tube skirt versus a pair of jeans fluttered through my head. But the idea of wearing either, of getting dressed up to go out seems utterly alien.

I wonder how things will when lockdown restrictions are slacked at some point. Will we all be desperate to get dressed properly again? Or will jogging bottoms become the new office wear?

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