Menu plan 25 April – 1 May

Last week’s menu plan didn’t go exactly as I expected. We acquired a bag of rolls and some vegan burgers while on a post run. These made a delicious additions to the menu but threw things out a bit.

And they also meant the bread didn’t get eaten at the start of the week so the end of the week was spend picking bits of mould off. Oops. It’ll be going in the freezer in future in there’s no immediate need to consume it.

Usually I’d pick up bread or rolls as I needed them – or munch the whole loaf in 2 days as ‘snacks’. I love bread so much.

So this week’s menu is a bit vague. To accommodate unexpected burgers. And because I’m still struggling to plan based on a weekly shop. Yellow stickers used to be my inspiration.


Lunch – mini baguettes with spinach, chutney, Tofurky deli slices and vegan cheese plus radishes and sugar snap peas.

Dinner – leftover pasta bake topped with breadcrumbs served with salad, radishes and sugar snap peas.


Lunch – sausage and spinach sandwiches

Dinner – black pepper tofu with mushrooms, Pak Choy and rice


Lunch – crackers, hummus, radishes and sugar snap peas

Dinner – southern fried fillets (new addition to the local Tesco Metro) with some kind of potato and salad.


Lunch – I’ve become a bit obsessed with tempeh, kale and tomato salad and this week I finally have avocado to go in it.

Dinner – seasoned tofu with pasta and radish leaf pesto


Lunch – maybe soup? I’ve been very enthused about leek and potato soup – and there’s all that bread in the freezer

Dinner – TVP and mushrooms in a homemade sweet and sour sauce.


Lunch – more soup?

Dinner – sausage and mash with gravy. Plus greens if there are any left…


Lunch – whatever’s left turned into a salad, soup or if all else fails beans on toast (from the emergency bean stash)

Dinner – swede gnocchi

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