You can’t rock’n’roll on toast


I knew that I would be pushed for time in this week. The band I am in is playing our first gig on Saturday night. As a result we feel the need to practice every evening. It’s usually a bit of rush trying to eat before practice two nights a week. I usually try to prepare double amounts on other nights to ensure that I’m not playing on a dinner of toast.

Bearing this in mind I decided that it was time to try this batch cooking thing I’d read about. My only attempt at this kind of thing previously has been freezing cooked beans and pulses, or tucking large amounts of leftovers away for another day.

This time round still wasn’t quite on the grand scale that some people manage (preparing a month of food in one go) but seemed to be a starting point.

So on Sunday afternoon I spent 90 minutes preparing the following:

· Mushroom and sun dried tomato risotto (from Vegan with a vengeance)

· Potato and asparagus soup (from Vegan with a vengeance)

· Chilli (made it up as I went along)

It was certainly less work, preparation and washing up to prepare everything at the same time. I chopped the onions, leeks and garlic for all recipes in one go. I could see how much of everything I had and assign it accordingly (rather than having to find time to go out and buy extra onions mid- week). The endless stirring that risotto requires took place in-between working on the other dishes.

I’ve found it rather nice this week not to have to think about dinner. I simply arrive home and heat up a bowl of whichever one I fancy. All three lend themselves well to ‘pimping’ so I’ve been adding toppings in the form of rocket, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, and fresh herbs.

Plate of food
There is risotto in there somewhere

However I think it has made me realise how much I enjoy cooking and appreciate the opportunity to get creative on a daily basis. I fell asleep last night wondering how the risotto would shape up as risotto balls. Very well I’m sure (although I’ll have to wait until Thursday night to give this a go). But it does miss the point of saving me time. Yes, it’s quicker than cooking risotto from scratch. However it’s not as speedy as toast and Marmite.

So while I’ve can appreciate batch cooking as something in the freezer to draw on I think most nights will still see me slaving over a hot stove, or toaster.


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