What’s in my lunchbox? Dio Loso Qua

In The Constant Mistress by Angela Lambert, Laura is teased about the habits of bachelor girls and asked if it’s her turn to cook the spag bog. She responds that it’s actually Dio loso qua on the menu. Apparently it’s Sicilian for ‘god knows what’.
This recipe was pretty much anything I had in the fridge mixed up together in a  frying pan. So some Mexican millet, roast aubergine, cooked runner beans, cooked potatoes, tofu, cooked peas, a chunk of vegan bratwurst, onions, garlic powder, and possibly a mystery ingredient or two. It tasted very good. Enough for me to want to try this approach more often.
I served with some tomatoes and Balzac’s The Girl with Golden eyes for a truly magnificent lunch.
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