What’s in my lunch box? Just add veg


Lunch box

Saturday was the monthly gathering of Chelmsford Veg Up, a vegan meet up group. I made cashew cheese to share as part of our pot luch arrangement, and was pleased to bring some home. Teamed up with a little veg, some bread and a little dessert it made an easy and tasty lunch.

Clockwise, from top right:

  • Cucumber and wonderfully sweet cherry tomatoes
  • Greengage and piece of Sue’s flapjack, packed with fruit and seeds
  • Lightly toasted sour dough with cashew cheese
  • Radishes
Book jacket the yard by Alex Grecian

To read: The Yard by Alex Grecian

The review that prompted me to track this title down pointed out this the author was American, and had never visited the parts of London he describes, but added that this was hard to believe. I agree. Grecian conveys the atmosphere of London in the 1890s with no effort. You are simply sucked in wanting to now what happens next. What happens next is you devour as many pages as you can before having to go and do something else.


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