What’s in my lunch box? It has to be eaten cold


I don't currently have access to a microwave at lunch time. Which is a pity because making a pot of something I can eat all week is much easier than faffing around with sandwiches or crackers, or heating food and a flask so you can eat the lukewarm contents some hours later. I've also developed a taste for eating bowls of salad/raw vegetables with something hot and preferably fried added – which isn't going to happen unless I'm lunching at home. Consequently lunch has been less than inspirational lately.

So here's my effort to put together something cold, portable and interesting. It's good to have a motive for getting through the morning.

Here we have a tub of radishes and cucumber, a banana, and pasties made with homemade pastry and filled with potato, vegan sausage, onion and kale.

To read:

This was an amazing read which has left me thinking about so many things. It opens with Patricia who has dementia and is living in a care home. She can remember 2 different lives with different children and although she knows she is often confused she's pretty certain that this duality is real.

I loved the passion for Italy that ran throughout one of her lives and it made me want to see Florence and get out my pasta machine. And I was inspired by the satisfaction she took in her children and community in another.

In one of her existences she has a wonderful partner, fulfilling work, ample money and an unusual but wonderful family. However the world around is an increasingly brutal, miserable place. In her other life she has an unhappy marriage and takes solace in her children, and involvement in her community. This world is a very different place. It becomes more liberal and peaceful.

What world should she choose? Which is best? I couldn't decide. I'm still thinking.


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