What I ate – start of May 2020

Food seems to be falling into a rhythm. The same dishes on the same days of the week. I’m not sure if this is because this is the way life is. When Pak choi turns up in my veg bag I make black pepper tofu. If I have it 3 weeks in a row then I made the dish 3 weeks in a row.

Or am I buying the same things over and over at Tesco? Hence I’m experiencing none of the variety that buying from markets and hunting yellow stickers offers.


Gram flour pancakes for brunch topped with bananas and golden syrup.

The millet bowls for dinner with hummus, salsa, spinach, radishes and pepper. I topped the millet with course radish stalk pesto.


It was Star Wars day! It of course we wear Star Wars T-shirt’s all the time anyway. I made pizza salad bowls from Salad Samurai again. They do taste better every time and I actually had mode of the ingredients this time note the vegan Parmesan topping!

And for dinner port style TVP with mushrooms, mange tout and home made sweet and sour sauce. I was super happy with how this turned out.


Tempeh , kale and tomato salad again. The dressing turned out really well. It was so tangy.

So I made up another batch to go on the side salad at dinner. The mustardy flavour went great with the chickpea cutlets and potatoes.


I was honestly going to make borscht for lunch. But it somehow turned into a kind of stew and a spoonful of tahini made it super creamy and luscious.

Black pepper tofu and vegetables for dinner. I got the amount of sauce right so it was flavoursome but not heading in the direction of a soup!


I’m a bit out of practice with sushi making. Hence I rather ivestuffec this bunch I knocked up for lunch. They were still tasty though and have got me thinking about using sushi rice as a base for a salad.

Loaded leek and potato soup. The mass of parsley hides the spring greens and vegan sausage slices I chucked in.


We ate the last of the soup for lunch on Friday. In the evening I put all the odds and ends from the fridge into one pan pasta. I did intend to add some garlic bread but the remaining chunk of bread was covered in fuzzy mould 😕

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