What’s in my veg bag this week? hello spring


Veg bag contents - midorigreen.co.uk
The veg bag this week had leeks and cauliflower as well as the usual suspects. Immediately my brain began buzzing over the contents of my veg bag as I though about what meals I could create…

Chickpea cutlets with chunky coleslaw, poodles and mustard sauce

chickpea cutlets with chunky coleslaw, potatoes and mustard sauce - veg bag meals - midorigreen.co.uk
I love this recipe for chickpea cutlets from Veganomicon. The mustard sauce which I haven’t bothered to make before is awesomely good. Usually I bake them but the oven was a bit full of other things for a pot luck. They are definitely chewier when baked. And I over cooked the the poodles (potato noodles). But my dinner guests seemed quite happy to chow down anyway.

Sausage and mash with mustard sauce

Vegan sausage, mash and kale with mustard sauce - veg bag meals - midorigreen.co.uk
Turns out the mustard sauce also goes great with sausage, mash and kale.

Pancakes filled with leeks in a creamy cheesy sauce

pancakes with leeks in a creamy cashew sauce - veg bag - midorigreen.co.uk
It was Shrove Tuesday. I had leek and some leftover cashew cheese so I combined the 2 and used the result to fill pancakes. I did manage a few sweet pancakes after band practice while we traded riddles.

Creamy cauliflower bake and cripsy coated carrots

creamy cauliflower bake, crispy coated carrots and fishless fingers - veg bag meals - midorigreen.co.uk
This cauliflower recipe is so easy. You mix cauliflower with mayo and then bake. Great for leftovers. The carrots are also a good leftovers dish. Next time I will coat in gram flour but they still came out pretty tasty.

Udon noodles with cauliflower in a satay sauce

Udon noodles with cauliflower in a satay sauce - veg box meals - midorigreen.co.ukl

I took the last of the cauliflower and the end of a jar of peanut butter to create this satay noodle dish. Perfect for a post yoga dinner.

The increase in variety of veg makes me think the spring is one the way. What do you think?

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