Triple greens – what’s in my veg bag?

I was very happy to get a triple dose of greens in my veg bag; cabbage, kale and spinach. Plus the usual suspects in the form of carrots and parsnips.

Veg bag contents: spinach, cabbbage, kale, carrots, parsnips, leeks and potatoes - veg bag -

Homemade pasta with beanballs

Home made pasta with tomato sauce and beanballs -
I’ve been working on my homemade pasta recipe. My noodles tend to come out a bit soft. This time I rolled them thicker and dried them for longer. They provided suitable chewiness with homemade bean balls (something else that could do with firming up) and a tomato sauce. And – yes – I must confess this dish contained nothing from my veg bag .

Leek and potato soup

leek and potato soup with fresh mint - veg bag meals -

Ah the creaminess of potato and carrot against the sweet sharpness of leek and the tanginess of fresh mint.


Tofu Florentine

Tofu florentine - veg bag meals -

I hardly ever make this. The 4 individual parts are simple enough to make but put together they take a lot of effort and washing up. However I was really keen to use the fresh spinach and had some homemade tofu. Plus I was making my first attempts at homemade english muffins.  As it turned out these were so easy to do that I’ll be making them more often. Which might tempt me into making tofu florentine more too.


Rice with carrots and peanut sauce

Rice cooked with carrots in a creamy peanut sauce

What do you cook when all you have is carrots, parsnips and a handful of greens? Why you pull out some rice from the freezer, cook up with the carrots and then stir in  a peanut sauce with a bit of spice.


End of the week, post yoga dinner

Parsnip and apple salad with lemon olive oil served with fried potatoes and tahini sauce - veg bag meals -

I was down to 4 parsnips, some cooked potatoes and an apple. So I made this for a dinner. Raw Parsnip and apple drizzled with lemon olive oil and fried potatoes with tahini sauce. The perfect friday night dish.

What do you have left in your veg bag at the end of the week?

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