Time to sleep

I felt perfectly dreadful on Saturday afternoon so I took to my bed. Clearly my body approved as it decided that I should remain there until the early hours of Sunday morning. As this point I woke up and was unable to get back to sleep (again). Even a spot of Dickens was unable to return me to the Land of Nod.

So a bit after 5 (an improvement on 4) I gave up the fight. I made good use of my time cooking pearl barley, prepping and roast a butternut squash (flesh, skin and seeds) and making an oil free salad dressing (cashews, sesame seeds, lemon juice, dill, coriander and fresh mint). Then I had a shower, washed up and went back to bed where an hour later I was able to sleep again.

It must the shorter days and the cold nights that make me want to hibernate.

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