Things I Love Thursday

Lunches in the sun – my new work location by the river makes me feel like I’m in the middle of the countryside. I can eat lunch under a different tree every day.

Foraging opportunities – so far this week I’ve identified Sweet cicely , Darwin’s barberry, Fennel, and Hedge mustard. And on a similar note, I’m still drinking lots of nettle and plantain tea.

Dancing like there’s no one watching – I’be really been enjoying burlesque classes and practice this week. It’s been great to work off some energy and tension by pulling ridiculous faces, getting into character and stretching my muscles.

Warm nights – with sash windows open at the top there’s a suitable breeze to make warm nights a delightful experience that says summer is here; enjoy it while it lasts.

Meetings in parks – I met with Carla and Naomi to plan our next stage of world domination, and the park was the obvious place to designate our board room.

Easy iced coffee – I froze, in a ice tray, the leftover coffee from the weekend. Today I blended it with vanilla syrup and soy milk. The perfect morning beverage. Alas I drank it all before I thought to take a photo.

Actually getting to wear my summer clothes – all my clothes that look wrong with tights and cardigans are getting worn, and will continue to be worn (until the heat wave ends and they go back in the wardrobe for a year or two).

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