Things I Love Thursday – shoes, blackberries and help from the universe

What’s been rocking my world this week? Based on a meme by Gala Darling

Melissa shoes – I adore Melissa shoes. I first came across them on Amelia Raley’s blog Doublespeak and have since gathered a small collection. They are so comfortable. I love the variety of styles. I love the way they are perfect for wet UK summers. I love that they’re vegan. It’s been a good week for my Melissa collection. I bought a pair in cowboy boot style for festivals fromNonnon (who use the excellent and communicative DPD to do their deliveries). My parents bought me back a couple of pairs from the US where Melissa has done a collection for Forever 21.

The happiness project by Gretchen Rubin – Just reading this is making me happy. Having borrowed it from a friend I can see that I’ll have to buy my own copy so I can dip into it frequently for inspiration. I can see that I’m doing the right things – I’m being myself, I’m embracing novelty, I’m working on letting things go, I’m trying to get more sleep. It’s good to know that there are other people out there doing the same.

The universe sending me signs – Well ok it might not be the universe but it’s great that when you start thinking about something (like relaxing more) and then something to help appears – e.g. a one minute meditation film turns up in your inbox. Or the wonderful colleague who brings in her shoulder massager for you to try and as a result you feel calm, energised, and a tad floppy all day.

Family – You don’t realise how much you miss your family until you spend time with them.

Hand with blackberries

Foraging – picking handfuls of blackberries on my way to work is foraging at its easiest and most delicious. If only I’d taken a photo before eating most of them.
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