Things I Love Thursday – embracing autumn


Walking to work along the river – because it looks so lovely. It’s also good to note the seasonal changes day by day, observe the ducks, and reflect on how the river would have been such a central part of the town in the past. Given how well trafficked the footpath is I can only conclude that this is still the case.

Changing up my morning routine – because September is that wonderful month for fresh starts, and making changes. Also because one of my changes is…

Getting out of bed when the alarm goes off – This makes me want to embrace the day while pressing snooze makes me want to avoid life. As a bonus I have more time to…

Dance – I’m doing a bit of burlesque in the morning (post yoga, pre-breakfast). Not only does this free up some evening time but makes me feel energetic. So lively and smug as outcomes! My heads is full of moves at the moment. I’m learning new routines for October Cabaret and choreographing a couple of things for Hogswatch.

Cooking fresh food as I buy it – I’ve been inspired by the Everlasting meal and have started cooking immediately vegetables that would either require cooking before consumption or that I would be likely to cook before eating. As a result I always have a fridge full of food that is ready to go. There’s also added incentive to use the vegetables up. Evening meals suddenly seem to require less planning.

Other stuff – nettle tea – great books – a cosy chair to read in – the positive effects of lots of sleep – sunshine.

Wishing you all things green,
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