The great snowdrop hunt

Snow drops

The Japanese go on Cherry Blossom viewing picnics. Americans head to New England in the ‘fall’ to admire the colours of the turning leaves. Our English equivalent in recent years would seem to be snow drop viewing.
This year’s mild winter seems to be turning to spring so I spent an afternoon with the Club 10 ladies enjoying some fresh air and hunting snowdrops at Mark Hall.
Despite taking a wrong turn (the charming gentleman in the ticket booth chased after us to ensure we didn’t get lost) and wading through a lot of mud we soon began to spot signs of our quarry.

Our goal was Robins Grove (shades of Jilly Cooper). So we kept going, admiring the delightful view of the walled garden, and then we spotted it!
Just across a little bridge was a little woodland with a white carpet.

Snowdrops in wood

It was wonderful to wander round. The weather was perfect – bright and cool. The snowdrops looked like a piece of miracle.

And then it was back to the tea shop for a nice cuppa. Sadly there was no vegan cake (always hopeful) but the company made up for it.

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