The spring lawn – something green for Monday

It was the lawn that gave it away. Spring wasn’t kidding around. It was here now.

I’d gone out for one of my early morning walks. In recent months this has meant seeing the world in shades of black and grey. There’s the occasional spotting of a fox to liven things ups. If I time it right the sky might be a glorious shade of blue as I arrive back at the Green Rooms. However usually the only bright spots are the street lights. Plus spotting the landmarks in the local neighbourhood. There’s that house that looks like something from Scooby Doo. The drive with an unfeasible number of sports cars (are they collectors?). That property that is endlessly on the market. The garden that makes me think of Victorian novels. The occasional lit window which makes me wonder who else is up early and where they are off to that day.

Then spring arrived…

So it began to get a tiny bit lighter. Around about the same time the birds got noiser. I knew I was out walking on a spring morning when I spotted this site. The lawn slightly over grown but in a way that makes it clear that warmer weather is here. Everything is sprouting and growing again. The promise of afternoon reading in the park. Mornings drinking tea in the garden.

Spring lawn - something green - midorigreen.couk


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