In the last 7 days – uncovering the past and a return to routine

September always sees a return to routine and that's been true in the last few days. My Friday night yoga class has started again providing some chill out time at the end of the week.


Mid September also brings Heritage Day so I spent a weekend exploring the bits of town you don't usually get to see. I saw plenty of cellars, roof beams and realised how I fussed people in the past seem to have been about moving locations of Windows and doors.


This rather odd photo actually is actually layers of wallpaper some of which is Georgian or older!

I was determined to get one more barbecue in before the end of summer so I got up super early to bake bread rolls. As always I forgot how long it takes to get the coals to light!


V Catering were cooking at the Waiting Rooms again so I indulged in batter aubergine with chips, minty mushy peas and homemade tartar sauce.


And finished off by sharing some Oreo fridge cake and chocolate cake with an amazing frosting filling.

Words of the week: The best art divides an audience – attributed to Rick Rubin


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