Chelmsford Veg Up

Saturday saw the first meeting of the Chelmsford Veg Up group at the Ideas Hub.

I’d billed the event as a meet up, but quickly discovered the good people of Essex love a pun. So in order to avoid endless meet/meat jokes we’re embracing Veg Up.

I sat there just before noon wondering if I would get any takers so I was delighted when people began arriving, and after a moment of awkwardness the conversation vegan to flow.

Attendees quickly got to know each other as they shared the best vegan places in the area, and vividly described favourite dishes. Ideas for activities flowed, and included a Chelmsford vegan website, meals out, and a pot luck.

The group will be meeting again on 24 May from noon until 2pm at the Chelmsford Ideas hub. We also plan to visit Colchester Vegan Fair on 10th May.

Why not come and join us? Vegans, and the vegan curious welcome.


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