What’s in my lunchbox? Pot luck


My freezer defrosted itself on Friday and refused to start working again until the morning (Tuesday). Worse still I only realised it wasn't working as it should when I opened the door to chuck a load of produce in. So I currently have a fridge stuffed full of both fresh food and food I salvaged, and a sink and sides covered with dirty pans from cooking up anything I could.

In other news I went to a rather lovely vegan pot luck and celebrated International vegan junk food day. It's certainly been a weekend full of food.

Clockwise from top right of this blurry photo:

  • Cashew cheese
  • Figs baked with agave syrup and black pepper. So subtle yet so full of flavour.
  • Fennel flatbreads – these were supposed to be crackers but just aren't crunchy.
  • Apple, celery and radish – garnish for cashew cheese laden flat breads

To read: Francesco's Venice by Francesco Da Mosto

I'm preparing for a trip to Venice so this had been great. It's easy to read, is giving me a wonderful picture of how Venice with it's Doges and concil of ten came to be and it has very good pictures. I must finish it before I go!





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