What’s in my lunchbox? Miso, muffins and oranges

I had a Japanese cookery lesson with Kamikaze Kitchen a few weeks ago and it’s given me an urge to get back in the kitchen. The class was amazing with tips on miso, sushi and gyoza dumplings.

Now I now more about how to make miso I’ve become really enthusiastic and have been trying different combinations of ingredients. This included garlic, ginger, kombu, kelp powder, kijiki, carrots, potatoes, tofu, edamame and miso. It turned out rich and thick and flavourful.

I followed up with an orange and a couple of home made muffins. Much like the soup the muffins were full of different ingredients. They included Apple purée, oats, brown sugar, and grated carrot.

While I ate I read The Princess Bride. I’ve started watching Game of Thrones and its reminded me how much I enjoy fantasy and adventures tales. I can’t believe The Princess Bride had slipped through my hands before but as with so many things better late than never.


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