What’s in my lunchbox? Chew well

Lunchbox and book
This was a fabulous lunch. A great mix of flavours and texture. I should warn anyone thinking of cooking along similar lines that it’s advisable to chew the polenta fries well before swallowing. Failure to to do could put you in the same situation that I found myself in on Friday lunchtime. I’d decided, as part of my learning new things, to start attending the Friday lunchtime concerts at the Cathedral. I’m not into religion but appreciate the community aspect.
I was surprised by the large audience, but found a seat and began tucking into my lunch as I listened. Alas as I closed my eyes and tipped my head back in appreciation of the piano I began to choke. I tried to suppress it which seemed to make the jalapeños in the polenta burn more fiercely.

So either chew well or don’t consume with live music.

Clockwise from bottom left:

  • Plum cake – rather a lot of plums in this one resulting in a very soft texture
  • Polenta fries – the recipe from The Vegan Lunchbox with added jalapeños.
  • Bob the book by David Pratt
  • Home made guacamole
  • A fresh fig cut into quarters
  • Shredded sweetheart cabbage
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