What’s in my lunch box? With extra ingredient

Food and a book

There is something momentous about the dessert in this lunch. It’s not that my allotment is having one of the years where it produces mounds of fantastic strawberries. Or that this is the first time I’ve tried Field Roast meat loaf, and it is as good as I’d heard.

No, this is to do with the Gingerbread rhubarb pie. I’ve made this recipe (based on the apple version from Vwav) many times, and it always tastes delicious. However, I’ve never actually put ginger in it because I’ve never had any to hand. Well no more –this time ginger was present as indicated in the recipe and I must say it did add a certain tang to the mix of spices.

Clockwise from top left:

Gingerbread rhubarb crumble and strawberries – home grown strawberries and rhubarb

Dates, pastachios, salted almonds and dark chocolate – I still can’t get enough of this combiantion

Salad with new potatoes, rocket, spinach, asparagus, spring onions, red pepper, cucumber, Field Roast meatloaf – this was an awesome combo. When I was ready for lunch I tipped it into a bowl to mix it up and poured the dressing over.

The passage by Justine Cronin – reminding me of Stephen King but with less hope

Salad dressing – cold pressed Safflower oil with cider vinegar and garlic powder

Bowl of food


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