What’s in my lunch box? For a grey June day


This seems at first glance a warming, hearty dish, and so surely inappropriate for the height of summer. However as we’ve experiencing our usual changeable weather with a good dose of grey it actually suited summer vey nicely.

Plus it’s very easy to put together. It’s a vegan version of this Butter bean, parprika and chorizo stew. It’s a very forgiving recipe which happily adapts to the ingredients at hand, and you pretty much just chuck it in a pan. Mine included gently fried onions, garlic and peppers. Then I threw in parprika and rosemary, gave it a good stir and finished off with a can of tomatoes.

I served with toast, lettuce, radishes and advocado.

To read: Arcadia by Lauren Groff

With most of the actions taking place on a commune it’s a delight to find a book where the characters are pretty much all vegan. As a result a reference to quesadillas filled with mushrooms and soy cheese, or squash ravioli is a meal that I can really relate to. We follow Bit through his hippie childhood until utopia falls apart. And then we pick him up in his adult life when things don’t seem to be much more stable. Yet the thing that makes this so enjoyable is Bit’s ability to appreciate small delights. From his observations of nature on the commune to the feeling of connection that domestic lights create in a city.



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