What’s in my lunch box? Every mouthful is different

This kind of lunch is surely what inspired manufacturers to produce those packages with crackers and circles of meat and cheese. Personally I prefer my version.

Clockwise from top left:

  • Radishes and green pepper
  • Home grown rocket
  • Pistachios
  • The Science of Discworld by Jack Cohen, Terry Pratchett, and Ian Stewart
  • Asparagus and spinach dip – made from the recipe in Veganomicon this contains garlic, asparagus, spinach, (home grown), and cashews. It tastes amazing. I’ve also tried it on pasta and it makes a lovely creamy sauce.
  • Ryvita – I’m starting to think that I have a major Ryvita habit…
Ryvita with toppings

Mix and match lunch combinations – every mouthful is different…

Ryvita with toppings

Wishing you green ink and good food,



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