What I ate last week – 17 May 2020

I have no idea what we ate prior to Monday. We must have eaten on Saturday and Sunday. I hope it was good!


More pizza style salad. I think this one is going to be part of my regular rotation forever.

I had some kind of idea about doing a salad with pieces of these vegan southern style fillets from Tesco. I liked the idea of hot and cold.Then wraps seemed appealing and so I made flatbreads and ended up with these. They were surprisingly filling.

But not so filling that I couldn’t squeeze in a bit of frozen cheese cake. this is oat based and the bulk of the recipe came from Vegan Yack Attack. As usual, I had to make a few twists.


And another one for the weekly rotation is Kale, tampeh and tomato salad.

I couldn’t be be bothered to make proper pancakes for dinner so I made gram flour ones. they came out like a vegan omelette which worked great with the filling (mushrooms and greens on a sunflower seed sauce).


What to do with the random beetroot? I recalled a tasty recipes for a beetroot and satsuma salad from last year. That recipe used cucumber and herbs but this version was ok. I chucked in some chickpeas for a bit of protein and added a tahini sauce.

This dish get made every time I get pak choi in my veg bag. So here it is again. The tofu I made didn’t turn out great but held together long enough to fry in cubes with black pepper.


I had sushi rice but had run out of nori sheets. So this was a bowl of seasoned sushi rice topped with green beans, peppers and radish. The tofu feel apart when I tried to fry it so it became tofu scramble. Topped it off with some miso and wasabi sauce.

I’ve done a few weeks now of leek and potato soup. To shake things up a bit I added chickpeas and noodles and ended up with with this. More pasta dish then soup but still tasty. Sling it all in, right?


Friday night is becoming one pan past night. I’ve run out of cooking inspiration and it’s a good way to use up anything lurking in the fridge. Plus I was able to bake cupcakes while it cooked.


I plan the menu on Saturday afternoon so lunch was a roll with with vegan cheese and deli slices and a handful of greens.

This started out a barley/mushroom/Brussels Sprouts harvest bowl. Then I replaced barley with bread and subbed spring greens for Brussels Sprouts. So essentially I turned it into mushrooms on toast. I will make the original at a later point.

And here are the cupcakes with icing!

Eat well folks!

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