What I ate – 24 May 2020

I’m definitely starting to see a pattern in our meals. But I’m also noting that some weeks I have a lack of inspiration when it comes to menu planning. I like to browse and see what looks good or good value and then make a meal from that. Right now I’m doing the opposite with maybe the exception of a Friday. Then I’m trying to clear the fridge for the next week.


I was so excited to find Beyond burgers in the local Tesco. The taste took me back to A&W in Canada last summer. I just need a frosty root beer to go with it.

It’s a while since I used soy mince and I’d forgotten how good it can be. I left it to soak with various seasonings and then added in kidney beans, tomato purée and a drop of super hot chilli sauce . It has a good tang to it.


Monday was a bit of lost day. A lost of time was taken with finding some missing deliveries. Maybe it caused so many emotions because Lockdown doesn’t much in the way of variations. Or things to vent about. Anyway it was all resolved by dinner time which was comforting vegan sausage, mash, spring greens and gravy.


I finally got my hands on some olives to go in the pizza salad. This is always delicious and the olives only enhanced this.

I had loads of the seasoned and hydrated soy mince left over from making chilli. So I added some gram flour and made meatless balls.

Then I kept with the Italian theme that was developing for the day and made pasta.


Another weekly favourite! And to think that when I first made it about 6 weeks ago I thought it had a lot of ingredients. Now I think of it as simple!

The tofu for this nearly didn’t get made. I heated up the soy milk, stirred in the lemon juice and then left it while I ate lunch. But I was a way into my afternoon work when I recalled that I hadn’t drained and pressed it. Happily it separated beautifully and pressed in time to make black pepper tofu.


Potato salad! With gerkins and German sausages! On a bed of rocket!


I saw this recipe on a Japanese TV channel. You basically take a load of vegetables, stir in gram flour and then add sparkling water to make a batter before frying. They were really good. Not healthy but very good.


I got a load of green onion tops so they’re going to be in pretty much everything for the next week. And I’ll probably make some stock too. This was chicken style strips with green onion, rice and a sesame sauce. Served it with Chinese lettuce for a make your own green wraps experience.

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