Photo fail – what’s in my veg bag?

I love to document what I cook from my veg bag contents. It’s handy for when I can’t decide what to cook or recall a recipe.  However I’m still building the habit of actually remembering to make the dish look nice and to then take a photograph. Not a terrible thing to fail at but frustrating when I recall eating something tasty but have no photographic evidence.

This week’s veg bag contents

veg bag contents - spinach, salad leaves, onions, swede, potatoes, beetroot, carrots -
Huge carrot and beetroot - veg bag -

Potato and swede hash with spicy mayo

I was delighted to see more swede in this week’s selection. So I used it to make more hash. I topped it off with some of this week’s batch of vegan mayo. In order to spice things up a bit I added a glug of chilli sauce to create a creamy spicy sauce.

Baked Camembear

I didn’t make this. In fact, my only efforts  involved wrapping it in foil and baked it. I bought it from Lettices Foods at the Colchester Vegan Festival. It was delightful served with crusty bread and cranberry sauce.

More hash and filled flatbread

Actually I only made half of this meal. The filled flatbreads were bought at Colchester Vegan Festival.  I purchased 3 of these. Then I put them in the freezer without labelling. Consequently it’s been a bit of lucky dip every time I eat one. I’m calling the dish on the rest of the plate ‘underground vegetable hash’.

Battered fishless pie

More evidence that I’ve been failing on the cooking front! This fishless pie, served by Battered on a pub grub night,  was just as good as their fishless and chips.

Burgers and sweet potato fries

This is the final evidence proving that I’ve eaten out too much this week! At any rate it was great to finally make it  to Mooshie’s on Brick Lane. These burgers were most satisfying to chow on before heading off to watch some burlesque.
Photographic fails this week included various lunches with salad, carrots and fried tofu. Plus a huge pan of borscht. Oh well –  must try harder next week.


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