The 5:2 handbag challenge

My handbag has tendency to feel uncomfortably heavy. I seem to feel the need to carry ridiculous amounts of stuff around with me ‘just in case’. Being prepared for every situation is never really going to be goer. There’s no way I can be prepared for every scenario. And more to the point I’m perfectly capable of improvising. For example, in a hemline emergency a well placed staple is as good as a needle and thread.

Carrying a smaller bag doesn’t help. I just overload the first bag, and add a secondary bag or two.

So I intend to try and wean myself off this habit. Inspired by the Guardian’s recent application of the 5:2 diet for everything I’m going to use a simplified version on my handbag.

  • Two days a week I will carry the bare minimum.
  • I will go through subsections of my handbag such as my purse and make up bag with a view to ensuring these have the minimum.

In my head, I’m imagining a spring in my step to reflect the lighter load, and a Zen-like clarity in my head.


Wishing you green ink, and rather good food,



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