Strange Sunday

All of the days seem strange right now. It would be odder still if they didn’t.

Today was assisted by the weather. A hail storm followed by blue skies.

And the random road works going on in the street. A team turned up about 8.30 and started digging up the tarmac. By 2pm it was like they’d never been there. Except for a different coloured strip of road.

Maybe it wasn’t the best day to return to drinking coffee. It seemed safe enough. I wasn’t going anywhere so giggles followed by sleepiness didn’t seem like an issue. But it’s added to the odd feeling. I’m clearly safer with a glass of wine!

So what to do to restore a sense of normality?

Make gram flour pancakes for lunch because getting busy in the kitchen in calming.

Plan what I’ll do each day next week because that is something I can control.

And as a bonus look what turned up in a copy of Bleak House I pulled out of my to read pile!

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