No new clothes for a year

I’m having a year where I don’t buy clothes. Or footwear. Or accessories. I have enough of everything, and despite not buying very much my apparel collection has been continuing to grow.

I’ve been inspired by various blogs I’ve read over the years who have done the same challenge. What I have noticed about these is that they are most interesting to read when thy feature a daily outfit photo. I can’t see me finding the time to do that, and I suspect there would be lots of repetition. However I will be reflecting at the end of each month (because 2014 seems to be all about reflection) on how it’s gone, if I’ve been tempted, and anything I’ve noted about my routine or habits.

During the first thirty one days of the challenge I’ve spotted the following:

  • I’m in the habit of looking for new stuff even when I don’t need it. I’m particularly drawn to sales as a justification for this. So I had to make an active choice not to go into Office and see if they had any Melissa shoes (which I really don’t need).
  • During the winter I rotate back and forth between 2 pairs of boots until they need to go on the repair pile. So the multiple pairs I have should keep me going for several winters!
  • I need to start going through my mending pile on a regular basis.
  • I’ve just started to log what I wear each day so that I can spot things I’m not wearing at all.
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